It has been a bleak few weeks for our country, for our world, and it looks like the climb back to love and acceptance and peace is becoming more and more unattainable with each fleeting second. If you read comment sections online, or even the comments on your friend’s posts on social media, you will find someone that is aggressive and angry. I am not talking about the person who is upset and speaking passionately and emphatically. I am talking about the people who use over the top language and derogatory terms to try to push down anyone that does not agree with them.

I am going to be honest, I cannot stand it. The fighting, the arguing, who is right, who is wrong, why someone hates someone and why everyone else should hate them too. It’s exhausting.

Guess what? World peace is a long gone notion right now. We need to band together to get there and we become further and further apart by the minute. Every article that comes up will have heavily prepared keyboard warriors; locked and loaded and ready to fight for whatever subject they want to fight about. In my opinion, nothing is going to get better anytime soon. So, my lovely readers, what can we do? Sit around and wait? Or go and join this Internet fights?

Here is what I do and what I want each of you to do. You ready for this? It can be hard. Some days seem damn near impossible. Be nice. That’s it. That is my strategy, be nice. Be nice to the lady at the grocery store. Tell the woman you just passed in the store that you had to stop to tell her how stunning she looked in her outfit. Tell a mom you see struggling with a baby that she is doing a great job.

I give compliments all day long to so many people. They are not always returned but I never expect them to be. My mom asked my last weekend why I waved to the men that hold the signs at construction zones. I told her it is because they spend all day outside, car after car passes them, and I just wanted to be friendly and put a smile on their face. Maybe they were having a bad day and that helped. I don’t know.  What I do know is that he smiled and waved back with enthusiasm. He has to deal with pissed off drivers being annoyed by construction lines and having to wait. He hears the horn being layed on because someone has somewhere to be. People fly through at reckless speeds with no second thought for the safety of the workers on the road. Then there I was, a big smile on my face and waving enthusiastically. That HAS to help. That’s a little piece of good being sent out into the world.

I am such a unicorn and I believe in happiness and sunshine and rainbows. I believe that we can all get to live on this planet happily, somehow, without killing off more groups of people we don’t see eye-to-eye with. Find a beauty in your day to day life and embrace it. Send love out to the world and let’s see if we can’t get a ripple effect from it.

So, ask someone if they need help unloading their groceries or to take back their cart. Tell someone you admire their strength and courage. Ask where they got their jewelry from because it is absolutely stunning. Talk to people. Brighten their day. Every massive change in this world starts with a few steps.

Let me know how it goes when you try it out!