As I look around I see the start, and ultimate demise, of so many brilliant but failed ideas (and I’m not just talking about the failed diet regimens that stare at me when I look in the mirror.) I have approximately three craft buckets filled with different crafting accessories including, but not limited to, various colors of paint, papers galore including a folder with specialty paper that has to be purchased individually, googly eyes in assorted sizes that stare at me unused from the shelf and silently shake with judgement as I walk past, ribbons I’m various themes, and so much more. I craft frequently with my two-year- old but we typically stick to paints.

With Father’s Day right around the corner I have been thinking about what craft we can make and gift this year for my incredible husband. Last year he got a large canvas that says my hero wears a badge, I call him daddy. Sitting proudly on the canvas is my son’s smudged hand prints along with a paw print from our 80-pound collie that begrudgingly let me paint his paw while I gave his over-sized fur nose kisses and told him he is perfect. How am I supposed to top that this year?

I racked my brain (aka scoured the Internet) for ideas tonight as my son drifted off to sleep, non the wiser to the crafting plans I have for tomorrow. Then I saw the chalkboard sign in our room that is adorned with hearts and pursed lips and was reminded that my life is the place where craft ideas, seasonal decorations and good intentions go to die.

You’re probably wondering what triggered this thought. I mean, it’s a simple chalkboard right? It might be valentine’s themed but kisses and hearts will be in season year round in my marriage. However, written in the bottom corner, is the number 23 with a heart around it. That was our count down to valentine’s day. 23 days. The was 2015 valentine’s day, not even the one from a few months ago. In full defense of myself and my lax count down upkeep I will say that my husband also wrote a beautiful and heartfelt saying on the chalkboard that I like to look at and smile when I’m having a down day but I never stopped to take note of the failed countdown. My life is basically a real life Pinterest board where you pin hundreds of ideas you swear you will do and somehow they never get done. You spend $25  dollars getting supplies for something you can buy prefabricated for $5 but damn if you aren’t going to look crafty once it is finished!

We are a day and a half from Father’s Day and I’m still looking for something we can make using supplies from the craft buckets. Maybe we will do a hand print shaped like a frog or turtle. Maybe we use the ribbon to make a super-sweet custom streamer for the back of his car. All I know is that with a time crunch and limited budget, we’re going to take everything we have in our arsenal and deploy it into something that can be displayed as a constant reminder that I tried my best and at the end of the day everyone knows it’s from the chicken nugget and I can’t take full blame for something that is controlled by a tot-sized dictator that has mommy and cookies on his mind all day every day.

What are YOUR plans for Father’s day?